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600 flights across the u.s. a dozen flights to and from sfo have been canceled today. >>> and the area is just getting started on the long recovery effort. people on the east coast still need your help. that's why all day long we have been asking for donations to help the red cross and the sandy relief effort. roberta gonzales and a team of celebrities and volunteers are waiting for your call. how are things going? >> reporter: unbelievable. we have been here for 11 hours strong now since 6 a.m. people have been coming in and out volunteering their day to answer these telephone calls like tony stewart right here from the oakland raiders. what has impressed us the most is how you at home have responded to our appeal for west coast to help east coast. we have 49ers here, dennis brown, dana king and all of us have been just moved by your stories. i have $30 in my checking account but i'm still going to give you 10. any amount helps. you can still help by calling 1- 888-5-helps-u. get this. right now, liz and allen, we are up to $93,000 with two more hours to go. >> wow. people's generosit
days after sandy slammed the region, tempers are flaring. and emotions are running high. the u.s. death toll has climbed to more than 80. the storm is blamed on 157 deaths total. it's unknown how many people are missing but searches are happening in several states. rising floodwaters have tens of thousands stranded in their homes. and 4.6 million homes and businesses are still without power. in new jersey, entire communities are unrecognizable. large areas of the coastline are in ruins with homes, piers and boardwalks wrecked. and now drivers are facing long lines for gas. this line wrapped around for miles as drivers waited hours to fill up at the few stations that still have both electricity and supplies. and it's a traffic nightmare in new york city. new york subways are providing limited service today and drivers trying to get into the city faced gridlock. cbs reporter vinita nair is in lower manhattan tonight. >> reporter: i'm here in lower manhattan standing in front of one of the many tunnels that remain flooded here in new york city. new yorkers are facing headaches when it come
. it has put a promotion on hold for the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. cbs reporter danielle nottingham on the story that is getting more complex by the day. >> reporter: the pentagon is investigating general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, in connection with the scandal that took down cia director david petraeus. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. >> reporter: the fbi gave the pentagon more than 20,000 pages of e-mail communications between general allen and sociality jill kelley. kelley went to the fbi with the anonymous threatening e-mails. agents traced those to paula broadwell and uncovered her affair with petraeus. one defense official described the e-mails between general allen and kelley as flirtatious. another official tells cbs news, some of the e-mails were more than sexy exchanges and may have crossed the line. general allen said he did nothing wrong but for now the capitol hill hearings on his promotion are delayed. >> at request of the secretary of defense, the president has put on hold the promotion. >> general allen
about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. >> general petraeus's briefing was comprehensive. i think it was in -- added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> reporter: petraeus told lawmakers he believed all along terrorists carried out the attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> the original talking points prepared by the cia were different from the ones that were finally put out. >> reporter: lawmakers are trying to sort out what the obama administration knew and understand why five days after the attack, u.n. ambassador susan rice was talking about a spontaneous protest. democrats who listened to petraeus testify were quick to defend rice. >> she used the unclassified talking points that were signed off on by the entire intelligence community. so criticisms of her are completely unwarranted. >> reporter: in both hearings friday, petraeus addressed his resignation because of an affair with his biographer paula broadwell. lawmakers said the former cia director apologized
. egypt's president earned high praise from the u.s. for leading cease-fire negotiations. but now he is facing a backlash from his own people for trying to expand his powers. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the egyptian president's spokesman announced on television that the president and his parliament would be exempt from legal challenges until a new constitution is written. egyptians took to the streets in protest. police fired tear gas near cairo's tahrir square, the heart of the 2011 uprising that toppled hosni mubarak. now thousands of demonstrators are calling for morsi to step down. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >>> one person is dead six others injured after a violent rollover crash on highway 101 this morning. as cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington shows us, an suv filled with six family members slammed right into the back of a chp cruiser. >> when we come to a scene like this it's a tragedy that it's a family that has lost a loved one and just giving thanks yesterday for everything that we have. >> reporter: a san bruno family in a deadly car crash just one day
since september of last year. before that, he led u.s. military forces in both afghanistan and iraq. much more on the petraeus story ahead on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." >>> bay area headlines. this is what's left of a suspect's car after a police chase ended this afternoon. they say the person was driving recklessly through castro valley before crashing into a light pole. the suspects under arrest suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. >>> the lights are back on for san francisco residents left in the dark after a lightning strike. pg&e says the lightning damaged five transformers along 24th street about 1:00 in the morning. about 200 people in the noe valley neighborhood were affected by that. >>> tonight, a santa rosa family is asking why someone would shoot their beloved pet. their 17-year-old american warm blood horse was shot and killed in sonoma county's bennett valley area. delta fox was grazing sunday morning on the outskirts of the 14-acre sonoma county ranch with two other horses. then the owners say the three came runningback to their stalls where t
about the deadly attack on the u.s. console at in benghazi, libya. acting director mike morrell will testify instead. some lawmakers say they still need to hear from petraeus. >> from my point of view it is essential that he give testimony before the congress so we can figure out benghazi. >> reporter: the fbi uncovered his extramarital affair with paula broadwell after a second woman, jill kelly, reported receiving anonymous threatening e-mails. kelly and her husband knew petraeus and his wife socially. there is no evidence of involvement between kelly and petraeus. in washington, randall pinkston, cbs 5. >>> his name is synonymous with anti-virus software. and now john mcafee's name is wanted following a murder. he is wanted for questioning in the shooting dow jones of his 52-year-old name. the victim and mcafee had a apparently long-running feud. >> they had a relationship and sort of a history of quarreling, which without knowing the facts it seems to be why they would want to talk to him. >> now this isn't mcafee's first scrape with authorities -- scrape with authorities. h
in the u.s. >> reporter: the latest in a string of recalls, this one for of the second generation prius being recalled to fix two problems, one a steering shaft can wear out leading to loss of control and half of them have water pump problems. toyota hasn't received reports of accidents but dealers say drivers should take the recall seriously. >> any recall on any vehicle should be a matter of concern for all drivers. get it repaired at a local dealer. >> reporter: dealers don't have the replacement parts yet but both fixes are expected to take three hours. affected owners should get recall letters next month. for information go to >> toyota is getting it. >> reporter: this is becoming a regular thing. >> yeah. thank you. >>> well, paul, a gorgeous day today. >> it's not going to last long. today was about perfect. you could have worn a sweatshirt, short sleeves, a tweener day mild in the sunshine, chilly in the shade. dry today but 24 hours from now we'll begin to see showers move in from the north and west. gorgeous sunset in the santa clara valley, our new sa
a u.s. ambassador and three other americans went down. today they were shown security camera video of the deadly attack unfolding in real time. the footage is part of congressional hearings on the attack to find out what happened. after today's first hearing, senator dianne feinstein said a great deal was learned but more questions need to be answered. >> we had a good back and forth and it was not always the easiest thing, i'm sure, for everybody that was testifying but we learned a great deal. >> are there still questions throughout? you bet. we are going to continue to work to get those answers. >> two more hearings are scheduled. sources who have seen the benghazi video talked to cbs news. the story ahead on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" at 5:30. >>> well, it's the last dry day we are going to see for a while. chief meteorologist paul deanno in the weather center with more on the rain heading our way. it just rained on us right there! did you see this? >> it beat the actual rain by a couple of hours still sitting offshore. we could show you rain even when it's not. h
unsafe toys to buy this holiday season. the u.s. public interest research group put the guitars in its annual report because it's too loud. it tested slightly above the limit hearing experts recommend compared to years past. lead and other toxins were less of a concern. instead, much of the focus is on small magnet toys and jewelry. >> these magnets will go through pretty much anything. they go through my finger, through bone, they'll go through muscle, through soft tissue. and that's part of what makes them so dangerous. >> ingestion of the high- powered magnets resulted in an estimated 1700 emergency room visits between 2009 and 2011. you can see the complete trouble in toyland list on our website, and just click on the story. >>> word of warning as you check off your holiday shopping list. retailers are tracking what you take back and for those serial returners, they are on to you. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains how stores know who you are. >>> reporter: when you make a return this holiday season, you may have to hand over more than just your receipt. >>
, they told consumers they could count on that deal. >> reporter: and former u.s. attorney anthony brass explains under california law retailers are obligated to honor those deals especially when it comes to black friday. >> what the consumers lost was opportunity. they lost the opportunity to seek deals elsewhere. >> by the time they alerted me, i had missed all of the black friday sales. >> reporter: in those cases consumers have the right to sue for the difference between the sale price and the current price but past problems have many rethinking their black friday plans. >> no black friday deals for me. >> reporter: now, we asked best buy if it would honor oversold deals this year and it said it won't be necessary because they have improved their technology. many analysts believe there will actually be fewer online glitches this year because those growing pains are starting to be fewer and for up. if you have a consumer problem, reach us at >> tv in hand worth 2 on the internet. >> exactly. >> thank you. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] martinelli's
. >>> captain scott kelly will man the longest space flight for a u.s. astronaut. nasa will send him to the international space station for a year-long mission beginning in 2015. the current record for an american is 215 days. scott kelly is the twin brother of the retired shuttle commander mark kelly. >>> your favorite drink could be fizzling with an unexpected ailment. in tonight's health watch, how that can of soda can affect your knees. >>> we'll look at the federal budget negotiations tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, your knees. but now, a surprising factor >>> well the older you get, the creekier your knees. >> that's true. but now a surprising factor that seems to speed up the problem. sugar sodas. we'll explain the connection for you. >> reporter: sugary soft drinks have been long to provide weight gain. but the beverages might be linked to an unexpected ailment, arthritis in the knee. researchers followed more than 2,000 patients with the condition and the most common form of arthritis. doctors monitor them with x- rays of the knee every year for four years wh
area are suing the u.s. military. those stories and more at 6:00. >>> "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, can the president get the secretary of state he wants? leading candidate susan rice goes to capitol hill but meet this is reaction. >> if you don't know what happened, say you just don't know what happened. >> pelley: margaret brennan is
's professional status and whether she smoked during pregnancy. a third of u.s. teens are overweight or obese. early prevention is key to avoiding obesity. >>> a bay area athlete's battle with lung cancer has inspired a unique journey. and 8 million facebook followers to raise awareness and money to fight the disease. dr. kim mulvihill with the story. >>> reporter: cal grad jill costello was just 22 when see died from lung cancer in 2010. but it's how she lived that lives on. >> i do think that last year of jill's life although it was her most difficult and most challenging, you know, in many ways it could be the best year of her life. she did so many wonderful amazing things and truly lived life to its fullest. >> up here. >> reporter: best friends since kindergarten in san francisco, jill costello and kelsey harrison now share another bond. >> i'm using my lungs to run from new york city to san francisco. >> reporter: the 24-year-old harvard grad is spreading a simple message. anyone can get lung cancer. even nonsmokers like jill. >> the reason that i'm doing this is for jill and so i have
will be shut down converted back to a wilderness area. u.s. interior secretary ken salazar decided not to renew the farm's lease which expires at the end of the month. he says that it should be returned to wilderness for future generation to enjoy. >>> other bay area headlines, a manhunt is on for an intruder who snuck into a woman's palo alto apartment as she slept. police say the victim woke just after 2 a.m. to find the man in a dark hooded sweatshirt standing in her room. investigators think he intended to rape her. he took off when she started screaming. >>> in oakland, no agreement yet on whether to hand control of the police department over to federal authorities. today was the deadline for both sides to try to come an agreement on the next step to handle oakland's troubled police department. attorneys for the police union filed papers this month criticizing department leadership. they say they have been ineffective and failed to implement court reforms. >>> hopes for a budget deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff" inched stocks higher today. a pair of strong economic reports also brightened t
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15